COVID – 19

Adapting to the new conditions and regulations due to COVID-19, we comply with all provisions on health measures in our accommodation.

• Disinfection of areas by an accredited cleaning crew.
• Antiseptic solutions in all public areas.
• Resetting of dining capacity in the breakfast room and outdoors, so that necessary distance meet the requirements.
• Compliance with hygiene rules (use of a mask, disposable gloves and proper hand hygiene) by the hotel staff.
• Report and record of incoming guests.
• Direct contact with the Hellenic National Public Health Organization and the General Hospital of Nafplio, so that there is timely and reliable medical guidance, in case of suspected outbreak.
• Careful cleaning of all public areas of the hotel, emphasising on the surfaces in question.
• Breakfast service choosing an individual menu and defining serving time, to avoid overcrowding.
• Extended duration of check-in and check-out duration between stays. Check-out to 11:00 a.m. and check-in from 15:00 p.m.
• Sterilization of the key cards before the arrival and after the departure of guests.
• During accommodation, the daily cleaning of rooms, change of bedding and towels will be carried out only upon request of the guest.

From your part, please:

• Comply with the necessary measures of personal protection and personal hygiene.
• Keep the necessary distance during check-in, check-out and breakfast time.
• Avoid overcrowding in the elevator (no more than 2 persons).
• Avoid using the elevator with people staying in different rooms.
• Comply with the check-in and check-out hours.
• If you have any suspicious symptom, even after your departure, contact us.

Care and safety of guests and staff is a top priority for Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel family.